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Korean news agency, Dispatch, known for busting Korean idols dating and exposing scandals, alleges B. Dispatch released alleged text messages between B. He was also inquiring about getting LSD, also known as acid, which is said to be a heavy hallucinogenic drug. Person in B. I Withdraws from iKON. The text messages show B. I asking a lot of detailed questions about LSD. He is also seen asking A to help him get drugs and asking for a discount if he buys more.

Dispatch new couple 2020

People in South Korea’s capital watch a report about a North Korean missile launch on September 15, In , President Donald Trump became the first sitting U. Here, we examine the turbulent history between the two countries. The fear was not unfounded.

Local news source Dispatch reports that EXO member Kai and f(x) member Krystal are dating. These two are Mar 31, by G. Jeong Kai was in Korea on February 16, having returned from Los Angeles. He was due to go back to the.

You may discuss topics like racism or sexism but anything hateful or derogatory will be deleted. DO downvote if you see the post to be inappropriate or spam. Dispatch Couple Reveal Boy Group self. Honestly, I would really have mixed feelings if one of my favourite group are revealed to be dating. Especially if it’s EXO.

It’s not the matter that I’m jealous or whatsoever, but what will come afterwards. It would be a disaster if any SM or any Big 3 idols are revealed to be dating, ever. Because most of the couples would be totally unexpected and people would start rage over especially those so-called “fans”. Idols have been secretly dating for a reason and to have their relationship being revealed to the public, with those photos taken without their permission that is obviously invading their privacies is just ridiculous to me.

Anyways, let’s just see who the next big couple is. Although I feel like EXO is going to be revealed to be dating someone perhaps Suho and Sana , I just really don’t want it to be true because I’m tired of people calling EXO’s relationship as fake just because they’re from the Big 3. Let’s have idols out of the Big 3 to date instead so that the “it’s just a public stunt” won’t be in the way.

January 1st Means Another K-Pop Idol Couple Will Be Revealed By Dispatch

Another day, another dating rumour. We break it down. Credits: WonderBangLove.

That is, until Dispatch showed up. Taking a cue from American and British paparazzi, a group of South Korean reporters started hiding in their cars and snapping.

SEOUL, April 29 Yonhap — South Korea will send a warship and a maritime helicopter along with military personnel to join a regional anti-terrorism exercise to be held in waters near Brunei and Singapore early next month, the defense ministry said Friday. South Korea will dispatch some troops along with Navy destroyer Choe Yeong and a Lynx maritime helicopter, the ministry said. The exercise will involve operations to rescue kidnapped merchant vessels and their seamen as well as a maritime investigation, the ministry said.

It is the first joint maritime exercise to be organized by the regional body. Issue Keywords. Most Viewed All Categories.

The Real Reason We Don’t Know Anything About BLACKPINK’s Dating History

Kim Se-jeong born August 28, , better known by the mononym Sejeong , is a South Korean singer and actress signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. She is best known as the runner-up contestant in Produce , a former member of the girl group I. She was a co-host of the variety show Talents for Sale in She also played the leading role in the teen drama School and in the mystery romantic-comedy I Wanna Hear Your Song.

Nov 6, – Taking a break from snooping on dating celebrities, Dispatch’s paparazzi caught up with Ji Chang Wook and YoonA on the set of their ongoing.

He was the last to join the group and practiced dancing harder than anyone else. His sculpted abs are very popular among fans. He gets along well with all members but is especially nice to the youngest member Jungkook and devotes a lot of attention to him. According to Star News, BTS was chosen as the most expected idols of as a result of survey targeting the music professionals. He is considered one of the Korean idols of great promise. Jimin said that he has never been in love, however, there was a rumor circulating that he is dating a Korean singer named Seulgi, a member of Korean girl group Red Velvet.

This rumor came from a manipulated video of the two together. They look like being together in the image, however it turned out to be composite afterwards. So it ended up a groundless rumor.


Discussion in ‘ Celebrity Zone ‘ started by kjjxo , Dec 22, Dispatch new couple Discussion in ‘ Celebrity Zone ‘ started by kjjxo , Dec 22, The next target from dispatch? Results are only viewable after voting. Who’s gonna be 1st january couple?

For the past decade, the Korean news outlet Dispatch has revealed a new idol Medias and sources said that they’re dating and according to Seokjin, their Back in , a Dispatch reporter snapped behind the scenes.

Western music industry is quite open when it comes to dating, such news when revealed is usually met with cheer or shrugged off since no one really cares about that. The rules are very different for K-Pop though where it is often frowned upon for celebrities or rather K-pop stars to be openly dating. Many agencies and companies that handle these artists also have dating bans where it is put in their contract itself of how the artist cannot date for a number of years.

Secret meetings, hidden messages and more are used. However, they often forget that Dispatch, a Korean tabloid magazine, that is similar to the American TMZ, is still there. Dispatch reports on the private and unseen life of various South Korean celebrities by posting their photos, some taken legally while most are taken secretly without the consent of the artist.

Dispatch is known for exposing people from the Korean entertainment industry for doing things that are not accepted by the public.

S. Korea to send warship, forces to regional maritime exercise near Brunei, Singapore

Already a subscriber? Log in or Activate your account. Greitens said he was glad the police found the suspects before he did. Photo by J. Forbes, jforbes post-dispatch. Eric Greitens and his wife, Sheena, announced Saturday that they are ending their marriage, almost two years after he left office under a cloud of scandal.

It would be a disaster if any SM or any Big 3 idols are revealed to be dating, ever. I myself am not Korean, I’m white so I’m not personally offended by all these.

The pictures were taken from a date in February Kai returned from a concert in Los Angeles on February 16th, , and was expected to hold another concert in Chicago on February 19th, However, he chose to return to Korea and meet his lover, Krystal. Kai and Krystal were born in the same year and they entered SM Entertainment as trainees at the same time. Both Kai and Krystal have similar looks, fashion style, personality, and music preferences.

According to insider news, Kai and Krystal have been supporting each other since their early trainee days.

17 Breaking Couple that outed by dispatch

Currently in a Relationship:. Do you know more facts about them? Feel free to comment below. Add Comment.

Lee Min Ho is one of the most sought-after stars in the Korean The two did not announce their romance but Dispatch caught them so the.

The couple was revealed to be in a relationship by South Korean media outlet Sports Chosun. Their friends and families are also well aware of their relationship and they have been sighted on dates by the public. As both of them have frequent schedules in countries like Thailand and Hong Kong, they meet up publicly when they are abroad.

Thank you for loving our artist and we ask that you continue to look upon our artist warmly and support him. We ask that you look upon their dating warmly and continue to be interested in their artist activities. Dispatch has also jumped on the bandwagon, releasing several photos of the couple allegedly on a date in a hotel in Thailand. The news outlet explained that the photos were taken around mid-August, and the couple also visited Macao together back in April.

Sunday, August 23, Hype Malaysia. Is this the birth of another K-Pop couple? Talk to her about k-pop, food, books, or Robert Downey Jr and she’ll never shut up.

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This theory is presented as a context-focused timeline, with minimal commentary. Sources and dates included. This is more of a simplified model of the events. The timeline is intricate; frankly, this post misses out on a lot of things.

For the past decade, the Korean news outlet Dispatch has revealed a new idol Junsu and Hani’s relationship was announced on January 1, that none of the members, aside from Taeyang, were currently dating.

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TOP 10 Kpop Idol Dispatch scandals!

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