Taurus star sign: Horoscope dates, meaning, character traits and compatibility

This card speaks about teaching and about giving guidance. You stick to your belief. The Death card guides that you should not be dependent on others and you should have confidence in yourself. There may be some gap between both of you due to career reasons. For example, if you are not married and only dating, either you may meet your loved one quite less or if involved in any physical relationship, then there may be some gap also. If you are married, then due to career reasons there may be some gap as you or your partner may be too focused on career and can be ambitious also for career. It may also mean that one partner may be focused on career that they may be willing to work in odd hours or working a lot. Both of you tends to or likes to start thing from all over again and try to catch the opportunities coming ahead and both like to welcome new ideas and are optimistic to face the things in life.


Can a Goat and a Bull find happiness? You bet! This relationship should hit the very top of the charts!

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Slow and steady wins the race for these two earthy Toros. A pair of contented cows munching clover in the field, you’re masters of pleasure and leisure. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, Taurus life is a sun-dappled serenade—when you’re not locking horns in a bullfight. Fortunately, the fierce stampedes are rare between you. The most lethal “charging” for your acquisitive sign happens on Black Friday, or at the Barneys shoe sale.

You govern the zodiac’s second house of material gain, and while you’ll work your fingers to the bone, you also adore “stuff. You’ve got the most sharply attuned sense of smell and taste, and an eye for beauty.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility: Do They Make a Great Love Match?

To discuss Taurus compatibility we need to look at Taurus in combination with each of the other sun signs. Each match has different strong and weak areas and its own quirks and unique features. This shows the typical scores for relationships between Taurus and each of the other sun signs. Click on any combination to explore that match in more detail. The most compatible signs with Taurus are generally considered to be Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

Taurus with Taurus: They are not always compatible sexually. A woman is sentimental in love; a man has a more down-to-earth nature. A Taurus man may prefer.

Taurus individuals are hopeless romantics who are looking for a love that will last a lifetime. Taurus has romantic potential with many Sun signs that bode well for compatibility in love. Several zodiac Sun signs are a good love match for a Taurus. If you’ve got romantic interest in a Taurus, but don’t know how to break the ice or take the relationship to a new level, you’re not alone. It’s worth the time and effort — Taureans are incredible lovers! Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the best Sun sign matches for Taurus.

Each is a water sign which is earthy Taurus’ complementary element. This means they are naturally at ease with one another, and each provides the other with something the other lacks.

Taurus and Taurus: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

It is pushed back three weeks, so you may actually be an Aries sun. So if you were a Taurus in Western Astrology, you will only remain one if you were born between and including May 15th to May 21st. But if you thought you were a Gemini, you may now be a Taurus! Contact us if you need help finding a Vedic Astrologer. So the sign of this house is also affected by Venus and how happily it is placed in your chart and which sign it is in.

What kind of a lover is a Taurus and what are Taurus’ biggest sexual turn-ons and turn-offs? Learn all about Taurus’ sex style, sexual compatibility with the other.

Bulls appreciate finer things in life, and this about them makes their relationship very compatible. The emotional investment they give as well as their willingness to submit to each other’s intimate needs are aspects that can give so much satisfaction between them. Likewise, they have the same mantra, to always stick to things they have tried and tested. Both understand how one gets jittery if they are forced to change the things that they have become accustomed to.

Taurus hates taking risks, so neither ever imposes anything that can threaten the security the other one has worked hard to build. Lastly, there are hardly any conflicts since both partners are patient and calm individuals.

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

When it comes to having a successful relationship, the importance of romantic compatibility is not to be overlooked. This isn’t to suggest that you and your dream partner shouldn’t have disagreements or hard times — but when you’re naturally compatible with someone, it can be easier to see eye to eye on things, and you’ll likely be less afraid to voice your differences and work things out when you do face conflicts. There are many ways in which people can be compatible, and looking at the signs that are compatible with your zodiac sign is a fun and easy way to get an idea of whether you’ll click or clash with someone on a surface level — or perhaps even as an indicator for a deeper kind of connection.

But there’s a lot more to astrology than your zodiac sign alone — every person has an entirely unique astrological birth chart full of planets and signs that govern all different parts of our lives, which means using astrological compatibility in your love life is a lot more complicated than just comparing Sun signs. That said, a simple compatibility check can certainly give you a basic idea of some strengths and weaknesses that you should look out for between your signs.

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How Libra and Taurus can clash, fall in love, make for a strong pair, and find the more refined things in life.

Falling for a Taurus? Who could blame you?! Ruled by Venus the planet of love and romance , this celestial bull is all about the good life. They’re luxurious, romantic, and they’ve got excellent taste. If you ever end up in their bed, you’ll realize it’s the comfiest place that has ever existed— Taureans won’t settle for scratchy sheets! These earth signs have a reputation for being stubborn, and yeah, they are, but let’s face it: they’re probably right! So go ahead, let them win the argument.

Your Taurus Zodiac Sign Guide: Everything to Know About the Sensual Earth Sign

Call Now. Request Callback. When Taurus and Capricorn are in love affair they make very strong and powerful relationship. Both of the signs, Taurus and Capricorn are down to earth and very efficient. Taurus and Capricorn always appreciate each other and admire each other’s dedication towards work and strength. The Bull and the Goat aspire to reach the top.

Since both these zodiac signs sees the financial well being in life as very important, there will be a combined effort each partner will make.

They are two positions apart within the Zodiac, and such Signs tend to have karmic ties and a deep empathy for one another. While Pisces is idealistic, dreamy and impressionistic, Taurus is more down-to-earth and practical. These two Signs have much to offer one another. Taurus can provide the grounded approach Pisces needs to put all those dreams into action, and Pisces can offer the kindness, gentleness and sweet sympathy that Taurus so loves in a lover.

Still waters truly run deep, in this case. When Venus and Neptune meet, a beautiful spiritual connection is made. Both of these celestial bodies vibrate with feminine energy. Together, they represent an idealistic relationship which borders on the divine. Jupiter adds its masculine energy to the combination; this Planet represents philosophy, expansion and excesses.

These two Signs together can produce the kind of union both dream of; it may seem like heaven on Earth to both. The downside?

Taurus compatibility

Taurus and Taurus are lovers in the Garden of Eden—and the garden of eating! When two Bulls mate, you’ve got a pair that both crave comfort and security. Early on, there could be a lot of bonding over shared meals, with each trying to out-gourmet the other. A feast for the senses keeps these two busy, and that includes the tactile one of intimacy.

the most compatible love match star signs for the Taurus woman for marriage on They are emotionally strong personality and believe that emotions make a.

Taurus and Leo individuals, due to their similar traits, can form a long-lasting relationship. Here is an overview on the relationship and friendship compatibility between the two. Astrology provides brief guidelines on the love compatibility between two zodiac signs. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the lion and ruled by the sun; whereas Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the bull and ruled by planet Venus.

Leo is a fire sign, while Taurus is an Earth sign. These individuals get along quite well as friends or business partners. Due to their similar and also dissimilar attitude, they have a lot of mutual respect.

Taurus & Scorpio: Love Compatibility

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