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The Dangers of Counterdependency – When You Never Need Anyone

Three complexes of importance in psychiatry require clear description: 1 the behavioral response to institutionalization, 2 the personality syndrome of institution-proneness, and 3 the institutional structure and procedure. These complexes are overlapping, so that one must attend to both their common denominators and their differences. These responses to institutionalization are often confused with features of the particular deviancy for which the person was institutionalized, such as schizophrenia or criminality.

The Institution-Prone Personality shows the following characteristics: a immaturity that is rationalized; b underachievement and deviancy; c the tendency for covert symbiotic relationships; d denial of the personal; and e extremes of over- and under-compliance with social norms.

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Do you feel panicked when you reveal too much about yourself, fearing you might drive that person away? Do you fantasize about a relationship escape plan? Do you get anxious when your partner seems aloof? Are you a serial dater? Do you need continual reassurance from your spouse? Do you micromanage your partner, always needing to know where and what he or she is doing?

Are you a suspicious person? Do you have commitment problems? Do your fears of rejection keep you from entering new relationships? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you might have abandonment issues. Abandonment is a feeling of disconnectedness, rejection, and neediness. The aftermath of this type of trauma generates a looming fear of not only losing connection with the people you love, but being forced to fend for yourself.

Because these anxieties reside deep within the subconscious, many people are unaware that much of their choices are driven by the intent to defend themselves from getting hurt again.

Dating counter

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Being counter dependent is an unhealthy habit. getting too involved in a relationship, they will often date someone they never really like.

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The Dance Between Codependents & Narcissists

Every codependent relationship has two parts. After all, it takes two to have one person become codependent on the other. In a codependent relationship, one has found themselves giving endlessly without receiving anything in return. Needing to please, be accepted, validated, and defined by their significant other, a codependent loses touch with the things and needs that make them who they are. Instead, their whole world becomes focused on the partner— their needs, their wants, their every desire.

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10 Most Subtle Abandonment Issues in Relationships

You are not alone. Thank you so counter for sharing with such sensitivity and courage. It is so incredibly moving to read all this. Without doubt dating are a kind, sensitive, and truly powerful person who feels counterdependency her power is not being used because there is no way to go forward, or so it feels. And yet somehow I sense there is a way forward for you here. I do hope you find it.

Counter dependency relationships dating. Counter-Dependency – Traveling Healer – Polskie radio szczecin online dating.

Codependency robs us of a self and self-love. This sets us up for trauma. Looking for security and love, most of us struggle to get into or out of relationships. We may remain in unhappy or abusive relationships or try to make painful ones work. Many of us would be content just to find a reprieve from ongoing anxiety or depression. We may no longer speak to estranged friends or relatives, even children we still love or worry about. These are unexpected losses to be embraced.

Our self-esteem has surely suffered. We may lack confidence or feel unattractive. As hard as it was to breakup an abusive relationship , it may still haunt us sometimes even after the abuser is dead. We might have nightmares and become risk-averse or hesitant to love again. Fearful of re-experiencing abuse , abandonment , or loss of our autonomy , many codependents become counter-dependent. But despite our intentions, we nevertheless reattach and find it difficult to leave.

We have to let go all over again.


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Janae Weinhold is a professional counselor and a former adjunct professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She and her husband, Dr. In addition to almost sixty years combined teaching experience, the Weinholds have served for over five decades as licensed mental health professionals, specializing in the areas of developmental psychology, trauma, violence prevention, conflict resolution, cosmologies, and consciousness studies.

They live in Asheville, North Carolina. A licensed psychologist, Dr. He and his wife, Dr. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Weinhold Barry K. Weinhold Oct Do you know someone who Has trouble being close to others? Has a strong need to be right — all the time?

Are You Counter-Dependent?

Codependency is a term that is often thrown around these days very liberally. I will talk about the characteristics and behaviors of codependency, but what I feel is really going on is a problem with your attachment style. An anxious attachment style is one that is commonly coined as codependent. People who have an anxious attachment style may feel as though they’d really love to get close to someone, but they worry that that person may not want to get close to them.

Counter-dependents are generally high-achievers in the professional, scholastic or athletic arenas, but failures in their personal relationships.

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The Flight From Intimacy: Healing Counter-dependency

Now share this message with your partner while you are standing or sitting outside Counter dependency relationships dating boundary. One text message, dependencyy. She saw that she had developmental gaps in her childhood, and that she had never really been autonomous. You write and share beautifully, I am sure it will touch others, too.

This supports the development of personal integrity Counter dependency relationships dating helps them see that the agreement is with themselves rather than with some external authority, which also helps them develop a conscience. Hi, glad it helped.

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Today I woke up in a very sad state. Since the breakup I have been in search of answers. The most important question is, of course, why? My friends have told me I may never get an answer. But I know what I felt, I know what our relationship meant. I felt it deep down. We loved each other.

Co-dependent, Counter-dependent, Straight-forward Dependent

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